Monday, June 7, 2010

a certain amount of hugs

On the weekend my bestie and I made a cubby house. We sat inside drinking wine and telling ghost stories. She's gone to Christmas Island for a month, volunteering and teaching asylum seekers English, which I think is a very noble thing to do. She's a noble kind of person. I'm trying to think of that instead of missing her.

The Boy is back after a week away. I missed him. Here he is cooking, he cooks delicious food. Incredible good cook, and my waistline shows it.

Here he is again. He doesn't like photos much, can you tell? Sometimes he laughs when I take photos of things on the street or my lunch, but I don't mind.
I'm glad that my favourite people are taking it in turns to be away. I need a certain amount of hugs in my life.

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  1. Cubbies are THE best. I havnt built one for too long. Thanks for the reminder.