Monday, June 14, 2010

my new boss lets me nap

Guess what I did. I resigned from my job. I did. Last week I packed up my desk, and put my pirate bobble head and novelty tape dispenser in a archive box and walked out, like they do in the movies.

Right now, I am entirely self employed. Today I had a nap. I just had breakfast for dinner.

I have a business plan. I have business cards, and postcards and a marketing plan. I have the feeling that my ignorance of what I'm undertaking is protecting me somewhat, I'm not as terrified as I should be.


  1. This is SO EXCITING for you! Don't be scared, think of it as a wonderful new adventure! I can't wait to see and read all about the amazing things you'll undoubtedly be doing. Also, napping increases productivity - and breakfast is the most important meal, so if it happens at dinner too, that's a win! Good on you, Pepper!

  2. Wow, that is wicked cool... go you!

    Watch out though, I hear that new boss of yours is wont to make inappropriate comments to cute members of staff & wear her underwear around the office. Just passing that on - although it might just be watercooler gossip...

    Looking forward to watching you succeed & have a blast doing it. :)

  3. OMG!! i'm SO SUPER HAPPY EXCITED for you!! i am slowly working toward this very thing: self sustaining, self employment...i'd love to know what steps you've taken to get to this wonderful day =-)

    will you consider an interview about your journey at my blog sometime?

    BTW: i'm saving my pennies to buy the Grantler Ballerina since the shipping will be costly for my country, but i'm looking forward to buying her -she's SO CUTE!!

  4. Wow! go you! how very very exciting!

  5. Very exciting! Best of luck with the new adventure and enjoy!

  6. And that. Is a great feeling. Hooray for you and very good luck with it all

  7. How Awesome - and exciting. And liberating....

  8. Go girl. You shouldn't be terrified at all. Be excited, over the moon, quietly confident, brave and bold. Why not?

  9. Yikes! Awesome! Happy day! Go go go you good thing! *hug*