Thursday, June 17, 2010

my creative space

I'm afraid there's not much goin' on in my creative space right now, my sewing machine decided to splutter and die last week (I know, great timing, right?) and I already have a bunch of patterns cut out and lined up, so can't bring myself to add to the pile. I ordered a new machine (yay! on special too!) and other assorted supplies of course.. and I'm waiting waiting waiting for them to arrive.

Until then, here are some antler boys and girls that I finished by hand, they have embroidered faces and hand stitched antlers and little hand knitted scarves. They were fun to make, and fit nicely in your hand. (They're in my shop now)

Catching up on lots of blog reading, and making notes on my business plan, and' considering making pancakes and watching tv.
(see more creative spaces here!)


  1. these are adorable! they remind of the wild things
    {with you too on the wee hangover!}

  2. These are so fabulous. Your work is so creative and gorgeous.

    Go the pancakes, for sure.

  3. These are gorgeous wild and woolly wee creatures! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  4. How cute!!! Wonderful little creatures you create :)

  5. They are all SO great, I especially love the ones that look to be pink twinnies.

    Hooray for a new machine, but absoloutely boo for a broken one..

  6. Wow, what a great find. They are so very cute and look warm and cozy.
    A new sewing machine.. how exciting!

  7. Adorable antler babies! I've enjoyed browsing through your blog while I'm here too!

  8. WOW these guys are fantastic!! Hope you get the new machine soon, but enjoy being forced to relax for a bit. Happy Creating!