Sunday, September 5, 2010

flea market finds- children's illustration

In my rummaging this week I came across some lovely old picture books, crisp and untorn/scribbled/worn.

I doubt these were ever owned by a child (or maybe a obsessive compulsive clean one). For the princely sum of $6 I brought home ‘Aladdin and the magic lamp’, ‘The Lion and the Mouse’, and ‘Jack and the beanstalk’.

The illustrations are lovely and rich with a simplicity I adore. Now the question is; do I pass these on with my other vintage-y finds, or do I hang on to them for my children one day to love?


  1. Who would have thought those ordinary covers were hiding such lovely illustrations? I'm mildly obsessed with children's illustrations, so thanks for sharing these with us! x

  2. Hang on, Shaz. My mum did that and now my children are now discovering the delights of my childhood. They are to be treasured! J x

  3. I agree with JANE - hang onto the illustrations for your children. Some things are best kept for the future to cherish =-)

  4. Great illustrations.. lovely!
    ohhh keep them!!! Keep them so that your kids can rip the pages out and all over the place like my beautiful kids did when they were younger hehehe. Funny ay :D
    If you can keep them away from them at the toddler stage they'll last for ages though, and yep, they can go down the lines to the grand kids (we have some books that were once ours when we were little too).