Wednesday, September 29, 2010

vegetarian week and my 2 cents

It's National Vegetarian Week over here, you can read all about it on their website, as well as take a longevity test. If I keep it up, I'll should live 'til I'm 86yrs old. Unfortunately, the last 14 years of that I may have cancer/disease/diabetes. Damn.

It's always a good time to do stuff to make you healthier/happier (good lord I hope my high school English teacher doesn't see that sentence. Grammar, anyone?) there's a lot of tips on the site, and they seem reasonable sensible ones, not faddy ones (remember acai berries? goji juice?) and I have reminded myself of some stuff I should do more, and some stuff I ought to do less.

Did you know that you can live a big ol' 10 years longer by eating meat only once or twice a week (or none at all)? I've gone vegetarian before, but that darn bacon got me back. It always gets me back. I like lots of vegetarian meals and remind myself that a meal doesn't have to be built around a piece of animal flesh (eeeew, flesh).

(I also think that if you eat meat you should really have the courage of your convictions and be willing to kill the animal yourself, or at least know where it comes from and how it is 'harvested', and maybe also be willing to eat the whole thing, waste not want not. But that's a whole other post, and I gotta say if I had to kill a cow, I certainly wouldn't be eating it. Yes, I'm a convenient hypocrite.)

Then there's pictures like this. Hrrmmm. It's enough to stop me eating meat for a good week before I forget. Or smell bacon.

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  1. Right on! Try picturing a cute little piglet next time you smell bacon... that's what I do. *s*