Wednesday, September 8, 2010

blog love- start something new

Laura at start something new writes with an honesty about important inner-self stuff in a sweet, refreshing way. Like sparkly ginger ale.

Her posts often make me tilt my head sideways and stare into the distance a little bit, and think. Or hold my shoulders back, and stride off into the world. The quotes she uses do too.

Laura is doing a creative writing course, which shows in the quality of her writing, and she is optimistic too, so even in a down-a-bit bit she still manages to be sunny and quite funny, and her posts about romance.. *sigh*... well. Plus she has an ace to-do list on the side bar there. There're all things I'd quite like to do, too.

Do go visit. Pour a cup of tea (or coffee, is coffee is your cup of tea) and go for a wander over there.

Go Laura. You rock my blog world.


  1. Pepper you are so sweet! Thank you for all your kind words :). I was thinking about you yesterday, because a friend of a friend just had a baby and named her Pepper :).


  2. ah i love her blog! her quotes are fantastic!!