Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nothing New Month

Salvation Army (a charity organisation with thrift stores throughout Australia) has started a Nothing New Month for October, encouraging people to buy nothing new all month. From the website:

Get on board for more money in your pockets, time on your hands and a lighter carbon

Buying nothing new doesn't mean going without. Make a Buy Nothing New Month pledge
and you can buy, barter and swap for whatever you need, as long as it is pre-loved, but with the exceptions of necessities you can't buy anything new.

I think it's a top idea, one that's been going around the interwebs, blogland and peoples for a while (remember 'The compact' in San Fransico? Mark Boyle who lives without money, this guy, the girl who bought nothing for a year?) but too much is never enough I say.

See the Nothing New blog here.

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