Saturday, August 28, 2010

my (two weeks) in pictures

no internet= guilt free (ish) cafe visits. I mean I have to check emails, right? This is a baked egg quesadilla. For breakfast. With pear chutney. Yum.

Matching pajamas. Yes, I know it's cheesy. But lovely too.

It was the Boys birthday, I blew up 100 balloons with a fact in each one. All factual, some more.. personal.. than others.

Watched the Tigers play with the Boys family. Wore a fan scarf and jumped up and down a bit. Go Tigers.

Uurgh I don't want to see another one of these for some time. K? Thnx.

Spanish Omelette with chorizo and avocado salsa. Just a regular breakfast, really. (Oh and I wasn't actually reading 'Business Day', it fell out of the paper while I was looking for my horoscope, or the comics or something. I prefer my information irrational. Doesn't it make me look a bit of a toff though?)

(Please excuse the Boy's gesture there. How rude.)

This protest march appeared out of nowhere and chanted down the street, delaying me and my taxi a good ten minutes. I didn't mind, at the risk of turning political here I do think gay people should be allowed to get married. You found someone you can love/annoy for the rest of your life, go for it.

Ooh and I won this lovely book from
this lovely gal!

Is it cheeky to post retrospectively? I'm not sure. This blog is like my journal though, and I like reading through old posts and seeing what I got up to, so I reckon it's okay every now and then, when time has slipped by and I didn't have the chance. Yep.
Hope your two weeks have been lovely too!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EEEK! I made it happen!





This is my studio! I know! Exciting huh!

This is why I disappeared for a while, between finding a studio, considering it, wishing it, hoping it, doing it, packing, moving, unpacking, sorting, labelling and breathing, I haven't had the time, inclination or a reliable internet connection to keep you updated. Mind you that's probably a good thing. Moving is hard, and you probably didn't want to live through it vicariously anyway.
I'm all set up now, and it's so quietly creative and industrious it makes me just go into my own little world and not come out for hours. Also in the warehouse space are artists, painters and glass sculpturers (is that a word?). It is quiet and inspiring, and without tv/ laundry/ cats etc. there are no distractions at all. Lovely.
I've always wanted a studio. So I got one. I'm a grown-up, so I can. I can do whatever I like, I just have to make it happen. Sometimes it's nice to remember that, and act accordingly. I hope you do too.

(ps. Still no internet connected, so bear with me and posts will be flowing soon!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

on hold

Hi peeps, sorry I have been away from blog-land for ohmygoodness a week now and it may be longer still before I get a chance to sit down, scratch my nose, and tell you what I've been up to.

I'll just say that it is VERY EXCITING and I will tell you everything! For now I am running around like a headless chook (does anyone use that metaphore anymore?), but I am still around, and will be back soon!
(speaking of headless chickens, did you hear about this amazing one?)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tweet tweet


A while ago, I had a go at twitter. I must say, I was a little perplexed, and after a few half-hearted attempts, I gave up. I think I was trying to be witty and challenging in every single tweet, acerbic about the machinations of popular culture, deep and meaningful or at least blindingly funny. No one is that clever, or if they are they’re certainly not me. After reading some of my favorite tweeters for a while, I am ready for round two, with new and improved scaled down expectations of my own brilliance. If you’d like to follow me as I blunder around for a while in twitter-land and find my feet writing succinct updates about my day to day existence, thoughts, happenings and the activities of my cat, please feel free!

I am also looking for new tweeters to follow, if you email me I will follow you and learn about the minutia of your daily life! Exciting! (do not mean that in a sarcastic way at all, I am genuinely a bit thrilled!)

vintage contemporary media

Brazilian ad agency MOMA has created a brilliant set of fake retro ads for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Skype as part of the “Everything Ages Fast” ad campaign for Maximidia Seminars.
Check out the ads

Via Junkculture

Friday, August 6, 2010

my week in pictures

Singing moose.

Over a cup of tea in my
favourite bookstore (text below picture reads: Pepper let himself go as the grey abyss loomed below)
Thank you man in flouro, for cutting branches away from the electricity lines outside my house. Safer and more sunlight for moi. Awesome.

My shelf in the fridge. Seriously. So I went to a friends place for dinenr and ended up having a 12 course degustation at a local resteraunt. Amazing. A hedonistic party in my mouth; and like any good party, I could barely walk home and felt a little sick the next day.
My local markets now have pony rides. I want to ride the pony. Really, can I ride the pony?
If I was that Dad and saw this, I'd be chuffed. Totally chuffed.
Hope your week was awesome!

Monday, August 2, 2010

blog love of the week- swiss miss

Do you know Swissmiss?

It is not only a lovely person but a design blog too, full of interesting posts about design-y things, typefaces, creativity and designers. I have found lots of interesting articles and new-favourite-blogs and swoon-worthy ideas and products there. I would try to explain it more, but really, just go check it out.

ooh bookshelves

So many bookshelves. Beautiful, beautiful bookshelves.

See more here.

Just slice me up now

I have been struck down *sweeps back of hand onto forehead in a dramatic fashion* with the flu. A yucky ache-y snotty coughy sneezy moan-y kind of flu.
It's okay, I will not spread any germs. No one will come near me. Apart from the red-nosed coughing and spluttering, it may be the garlic. I have eaten it, drank it, and wore it bound to the soles of my feet. I am exuding garlic from every pore. I feel like I'm turning into a great big bulb. Just slice me up now.
I may not have any friends, but I am feeling a little better today *fingers crossed* and I am safe from all and any unearthly vampire attacks.
Unless it is this vampire from this movie. That would just be unfair.
(edit) no, it's not twilight.