Sunday, February 28, 2010

my week in pictures

Trying to think of reasons I may need this many of my favourite colour pencil.

Lunch at the markets with my Mum

Running into old friends. Oh Murphy you are the best. dog. ever.

Organs in unexpected places.

Cooked lunch for 10 work collegues. Delish.

Sewing a baby quilt for the little one my sister is expecting. She's up the duff. Bun in her oven. I am excited.
Trying to crochet. Emphasis on trying. Good lord. Note the obvious lack of any evidence of successful crochet to show you.
Still struggling for space in my studio/bedroom. Fighting paperwork at my 9 to 5, reading frankie with cups of tea, finding muscles I forgot I had at the gym, drawing new cushions, finding new short haircut means that girls check me out. Craving strawberry jam, swapping poetry books, laughing with cute boy with moustache.
Hope your week was lovely x


  1. Those glossy green pencils are glorious - like a basket of shiny peas or beans or something.

  2. absolutely beautiful photos ... all of them ... and a wonderful life in pictures.
    PS that blanket looks onderful and the yarn you've chosen is so sweet in colour.