Sunday, February 14, 2010

news with nipples

My favourite blog of the moment, news with nipples is an interesting, biting and often hilarious blog that looks at how women are portrayed in current media (particularly newspapers and online news) by a journalist who's not afraid to swear a bit. A fair bit.
It makes me sit up and notice the blatant bias and quite un-feministic (is that a word? as in un-equal) view in articles that I would have otherwise passed by as a matter of course. I don't take as a given everything she says, but her opinions sure are a bit of fresh air, and sure do make me consider mine.

I do recommend. Try not to snort tea out of your nose when laughing though. That hurts.


  1. Hi Pepper, what a wonderful thing to say! I'll have to lift my game to reach such high praise. (Sorry about the tea snorting. That does indeed hurt.)