Tuesday, March 30, 2010

thanks Larry

To: Chess Moving Sydney

Re: Good Deed


I just wanted to let you know of the good deed of one of your employees.

A few months ago my bag was stolen from my house and some contents were never recovered. This week I received a call from one of your movers, Larry, who found my purse on the window ledge of a block of units he was doing a job at. He not only took the time to find my number and contact me, but he dropped it off in my letterbox that day with a note! What a champion!

As you can imagine it is was ace to recover many of my missing cards and contacts, and I’m very grateful. I am recommending Chess Moving to my friends and family as a result of this excellent karma. Give the man a pay rise. Or at least a bonus. Or a hug. Something.

Thanks again!

From: Pepper


Dear Pepper

Thank you very much for your email

I have passed on your kindly comments to Larry and also to our senior management team

It is always a pleasure to receive feedback and recognition for “good Behaviours” displayed by members of our team .

Thank you again for taking the time to commend Larry on his good deed

I will formally recognise him at our next team meeting

With Kind Regards


Managing Director

UniGroup Worldwide UTSChess Moving Sydney

Monday, March 29, 2010

Once upon a time there was a picnic where everything started with 'B'.

(ps. thank you Blogger, for turning my pictures around. Silly thing.)

Me and Boy went to the Botanic Gardens. We ate

* Bruschetta with Basil on crusty Bread
* Beetroot and Blue cheese salad
* Brownies and Berries
* Burger rings and Banana lollies

I wore a Blue dress. We watched the Boats go by and played Boggle and Battleships in between playful Banter.
It was Brilliant.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh My.

Have you been to regretsy blog? Some are okay. Some are CRAZY. Why people? WHY??
It's much like what not to crochet, but showing creations found on etsy. Painted pillowcase. Religious statues. Hand etched portrait, space time clock and necklaces. If a kid made it, I'd love. If I knew they were doing it tongue-in-cheek, I'd giggle. Sure to make you feel better about your latest crafty disaster, but guilty for scoffing at something that someone has obviously spent time and care creating. (This one I could actually get, it made me almost fall off my chair.)
All in all if your cranky (like I have been today) it might cheer you up, but be warned, it's all a bit bitchy really. I'm indulging my inner-bitch. I don't do that often, I much more comfortable with being nice. But I AM cranky today. I might make cupcakes later and knit a beanie for a stray puppy to restore the equilibrium.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dog's breakfast bib

I made a bib yesterday, with sweet fabric I bought on the weekend (isn't it cute?) that I plastic coated. But the bias binding is all wrong. How do you make it go around curves without looking like a dog's breakfast? It was all wrinkled and dodgy-looking. And my snap closure kept un-closing in a very un-snappy way.

Hopefully I can salvage this one and re-bind it (just got myself a bias binding maker too. Awesome). Otherwise a certain sister may be getting a very defunct gift.

I looked at a few tutorials like this one from Crazy Mom Quilts (oh boy there are a LOT of bib tutorials out there), it advocates sewing it around the front then hand-stitching the back; is this the usual method or does anyone know a faster way?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

in defence of the word 'lovely'

Lovely: adj. love·li·er, love·li·est

1. Full of love; loving.
2. Inspiring love or affection.
3. Having beauty that appeals to the emotions as well as to the eye.
4. Enjoyable; delightful.

I use the word 'lovely' a lot. You may have noticed.
I was talking to a colleague the other day, who said that saying 'lovely' was a bit insipid. Like saying the day was 'nice' or someone looked 'okay'. It's a bit granny, a bit old. But in defense of the word, I think it's just swell (we can go into that word another time). I think it IS a bit granny. I like granny thank-you-very-much. To me it is patchwork, sunshine, fresh flowers and friends over for cups of tea. Just look at that definition. Call me old-fashioned, but it's just lovely.

I haven't found a word yet that quite says all of that in.one.word. I'm not one for 'awesome' (unless it IS particularly awesome) or 'great' or 'cool bananas' (that's for special occasions only). I find I use words in seasons, and right now, it's all about 'lovely'.

Do you find yourself using the same words? What do YOU say?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prettiest Baby Shower

I've been excited for yonks about my big sister's baby shower, and it was just as lovely as I imagined. My other big sister organised the whole shebang, and isn't it just the prettiest thing you ever saw?

So sweet! She made the 'Welcome' from Martha Stewart, and printed the cupcake signs and matching baby game cards and menus-that-stand-up and little thank you packs and made the roses bunting and organised the food and EVERYTHING and I let her know that I'd really like it if she could organise the shindigs for all of my major life events thank.you.very.much.

I gave her (the sis with the bun/oven) the baby quilt I finished just. in .time (who knew quilting took so looong?) It rolls up and ties to become a play rug too. It was my first baby quilt, my first applique and I'm chuffed with the way it turned out. Sister liked it too!

I also got to meet my nephew for the first time, who loves to smile and giggle and hug and generally be the cutest.thing.ever. Oh boy. Spending the weekend surrounded by baby talk, this one, my pregnant sister and a liberal dosing of pregnancy magazines has made the cluck factor high, people.

On another note, my twin sister was admitted to hospital the night before, and missed the big day. We missed her terribly (and are still worried) but she's building up strength in a health retreat in the mountains right. now. I miss talking to her at random times. I think about her a lot. Send awesome wellness vibes please.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

older and noticeably rounder

I went to post about my week in pictures, and realised that all the pictures were food. All. Food. This post could be renamed The Week I Ate A Lot. Or, How To Gain Weight Suddenly.

Now I am eating salad again and going to the gym. (still eating chocolate. Chocolate doesn't count.)

Geez it was tasty though.

Tasty Japanese beer (Brewed For Good Times!) at lovely Japanese Restaurant with lovely Boy.

Barbeque with Spanish folk. Those guys really know how cook. and sing.

Delicious Duck Noodle Soup from a little restaurant in an unexpected corner. With condiments.

Birthday cake in the Office

Birthday pizza. And Pasta. And Garlic Bread. And Wine.

High Tea Baby Shower (much more on that later!) with cupcakes and nibblies and finger sandwiches and pastry and cakes and...

then CHEEEEESE TOAST! Oh Sizzler.

Devonshire Tea on the train
'Aaah.. ' *pats stomach contentedly*
ps. I started this post on Sunday and only just got around to posting today.. it's been a busy week, so much to tell you! And on the weekend I'm going fabric shopping! eeeeehhhh!

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's her birthday, and my birthday too

One of the good things about being a twin is that you never have to have a birthday alone. What was a trifle annoying growing up (shared parties & matching presents, anyone?) is now lovely because you get to moan about how old you are/ how little you've done with someone else. A conversation that goes something like 'We're supposed to be grown up, aren't we? I know! Everyone else seems to be married with kids! I know! But we have an exiting free-spirited life. Yeah.'

It's pretty darn awesome to have a sister who's your age. We can talk about anything. Everything and sometimes about absolutely nothing. She's my favourite twin in the world.

I'm going to Brisbane to see my family on the weekend; for my big sisters baby shower (yay!), and to have a birthday dinner with my twin sister at Sizzler. Yes, you heard that right. Sizzler. When we were growing up, any family celebration prompted a trip to the wonders of salad and dessert bar. Love it. Plus I will see my other sister's lovely tribe including my new nephew. It's gonna be big.
(ps. this is us in our cribs, we used to wake up and talk to each other every morning; that's me in the blue looking a bit blank. Or is it thoughtful? That's her giggling. 'Bout the same as now, really.)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

One Poppy Dress

This weekend my Mum visited and we went to the markets, and she taught me the art of bargaining (usually I'm a bit too nice). I hardly ever find clothes I like at the markets, but this time I picked up an apricot blouse and a poppy dress for the princely sum of 15 bucks. Bargain.
The dress had a gray background with poppies strewn across it, and was nice but a little, well, sack-like. But hooray!

Did I mention my Mum was a dressmaker? Well, she ruched up the sides, made a low scoop back and added a strip belt. All in four hours. And I wore it to dinner that night. (In the exitement, I forgot to get a 'before' photo to show you. Just imagine the same, but a sack. And the 'after' photos are a bit doss. Sorry.)
Now I love it. Thanks Markets. Thanks Mum.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

mister furry hug bum monster?

These two little guys are about to head to my shop. But what on earth shall I call them??

Friday, March 5, 2010

create without waste

Craft Leftovers site and blog is all about using what you have in your stash to create, about creating but not creating waste and is full of ideas and projects and pretty pictures. They've got a zine/mag that looks so sweet and I bet is oh-so-handy.

March Craft Leftovers Monthly: Volume 2: Issue 3
This month Craft Leftovers Monthly is taking a nice long look into the world of plush! Recycled stuffing, knitting, crochet, stitching, and a little corned beef and cabbage for good measure! Craft Leftovers Monthly is printed on 100% recycled paper. It is 36 pages of crafty goodness.

Ps. you can win one of these cute Craft Leftovers mags by visiting the needle.org and leaving a comment! On second thoughts, don't go and enter the giveaway. I wants it.

labels uh-huh

I have been scouting for some nice labels for my plushies and quilts, you know the ones, cute simple little ones sewn into the seam, that make your plush look awfully professional and your name memorable.

These seem to be the go so far, but there are so many darn OPTIONS! satin, twill, cotton, printed, embroidered etc. Do you have any tips /advice /recommendations? Where do you get your labels from?

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm a soft serve

A friend of mine (okay.. a boy.) was hurt on the weekend, bashed actually. In his place of work. By people he knew who thought he had stolen something. (he hadn’t). My immediate response to news like this is a shocked horror, and an overwhelming desire to turn into a big ol’ softie. Like a really big softie. We’re talking marshmallow grade. A soft serve. (also I couldn't find a nice picture of a marshmallow. tricky.)
When friends are going out I’m the kind of gal who might remind them to bring a cardie ‘cause it’s a bit chilly outside. I ask ‘have you eaten?’ and ‘you need some rest’ and wring my hands a wee bit. In the case of an injury or the circumstance being described, I wince and it almost hurts me to hear it. It hurts to be this empathetic. I never watch those jackass boys for that reason. Painful.
I’ve done my share of first aid, in a calm-ish and proficient kind of way, it’s afterwards I turn into the doughboy. When people have been hurt, in the case of boys (not all of them. ones I like) I want to hold their head in my lap and stroke their forehead, and kiss it better. When friends hurt, I want to hold their hand, make a casserole, tuck them up with a big quilt and a cup of tea. And kids, well you have to hug them and comfort and give them a band-aid (those magical things) and wipe their tears away (without being too soft of course.)
I refrained from doing any of these things because I'd rather he gets to know me a little and knows I'm not mothering him at all. I'd do it to everyone.
So be warned. If you have been injured, when you tell me about it, I will wince, wring my hands together, and make you a casserole. That’s the kinda gal I am.