Sunday, February 20, 2011

flea market finds and Pepper Stitch Vintage

Oops I'm a little late for flea market finds, but here goes. This week I found in my travels a very cute vintage winter dress, more suitcases, a crochet blanket and a teapot cosy. It may be my subconscious begging for cooler weather, I'm dreaming of knitted scarves and leggings, but dealing with the kind of heat that leaves you spread eagled on the floor, panting slightly and wishing for a giant freezer to sit in. Or air conditioning.

I love op-shopping, and finding lovely vintage things, but cannot justify buying them all. Then keeping them. Unless I pass on the love, which is why I've opened Pepper Stitch Vintage.

So far there are some vintage books in there, a pretty vintage tin with puppies, some raggedy ann dolls, and vintage games too. More vintage finding! Yay!

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  1. You find the best stuff! That dress is adorable. x

  2. the dress is gorgeous. makes me long for the girl i never had, each and every time... ha ha ha.
    (i do have a grown up young man, though!).
    curious at how your shop will run, will be back to check it out, yeah? good luck!