Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my house

I'm planning to move to Brisbane this year, so I justify spending hours looking at pretty house interiors as research. For the pretty house my twin sister and I will share. I'm looking forward to living with her, and having a home again (not that staying in the country with my friends isn't lovely. It is. I like them very much too. But you know, my own place). I want

a pretty letterbox
shoes next to the door
high ceilings and wooden floors
a cosy kitchen with good cooking smells
a big friendly dining table
crochet blankets and reading lamps
bare feet in the vege patch
and some chickens
and of course a nice big bright studio.
If you live in Brisbane (or visit), I'd love to know: where's your favourite place to go out? what is your favourite suburb and why? Do you think I will like it there?


  1. I moved to Brisbane when I was 17 and I have always loved it and I miss it now. We have been on the Coast for four years, due to hubby's work. Camp Hill is my favourite Brisbane suburb, as it is close to the City, but far enough away that there are lots of lovely old homes and a sense of neighbourhood and community. People actually stop to talk to you when you walk the dog.

    The Valley and West End are two of my favourite places to go, for wonderful coffee and drinkies at places like Three Monkeys and Fat Mikes, alternative shopping and fantastic people spotting. I also love South Bank for it's cultural precinct. The QLD Art Gallery and GOMA in particular. Plus the museum, Science Center, theater and library. Then there's New Farm. The list is endless. Have fun exploring your new home town when the time comes!


    PS. I lived with my twin for awhile after moving out of home and it was a blast!

  2. Oh wow, i love listening to stories of twin sisters still the best of buddies. My twins just started year 4 & after 3 years in seperate classes, at their small school they only had one year 4 class this year so they are together again. The look on their faces when they realised was gorgeous, they let out a big "yes, turned to each other, hugged & kissed". I felt so happy in my heart. It does them the world of good to have their own personalities, circles of friends, teachers, experiences & time apart, but they could not be happier. All the parents in the hall thought it was gorgeous (i knew in advance, but didn't tell them). Love Posie

  3. PS we live in Canberra & my gorgeous husband lives in Brisbane, it's for 3 years. We can visit him at Easter, the children can't wait. Oh, now that sounds like he's in prison, he's a soldier!!

  4. I have a file of photos of my dream house too!

  5. Hello Miss!

    It's been 5 years since I lived in Brissie, but I think you will like it. I lived in New Farm and Red Hill/Paddington and loved them both equally (though Paddington probably has more wooden floor board/high ceiling places). West End & Paddo are probably the nicest spots for eating/drinking/being merry. Oh, and the people next door to us at Paddington had chooks, so it's totally do-able!