Wednesday, February 2, 2011

love letter- urban connections art project

Oh letters, I cannot get enough today. I really love this project on Kickstarter.

Art is what makes life so rich and beautiful... it should be for everyone. It should be for everyone not just to look at, but participate in. That is why I created this project. I want to empower as many people as I can with their own ability to create and enjoy art, as well as each other.

So far, I have left over 500 letters around the NYC area for people to find. Each letter implores the curious eye to "Open me!". Inside each letter is a love letter, as if it was from a long lost loved one. Also inside the letter, is an unfinished drawing. The writer asks the recipient to not only reconnect with them through a letter, but also through the completion of the drawing. To make this task easier on the already perplexed reader, there is a self-addressed envelope and stamp inside to mail the completed drawing to.

If you like it too, you can
pledge to help Liz continue with the 'Eternally Yours' project, and you can get stuff too, like a copy of the drawings to colour, or a copy of the eventual book.

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