Monday, July 26, 2010

flea market finds

Oops a little (quite a lot, actually) late but better late than never! Here are some vintage-y things I have found this week and last week in my op-shop explorations. I am starting to visit op-shops quite a lot (even more than before!) in my quest for recycled fabrics (some nice op-shops even let me trawl through their gonna-throw-out pile for goodies! Which is what I prefer, I’d rather use stuff that would otherwise be landfill than stuff that is just second-hand. I want to eventually be using only recycled materials, but I digress). During these missions I -of course- end up looking at everything else in the store, and finding cute little vintage-y things like this that I just have to get.

So I’m going to start a section in my etsy store for ‘vintage-y goodness’. This means that I can still search for vintage goodness, and I still get to collect them, but they can be in constant rotation and be released back into the wild! Remember the gold deer? And those salt and pepper shakers? They’ll be in there too. Open soon!


  1. I have one of those little weaving looms, its good for trying colours together.

  2. Lovely finds. I like your idea of including vintage goods in your etsy store.

  3. OHHHH Lovely finds! I used to op shop a lot - i think i may have to revisit that love! Just joined your blog :-)