Sunday, July 25, 2010

yay team Adam!

picture via another masterchef tragic, pottymouthmama

Go Adam! (He's just so zen, and lovely and thinks well of everyone, and looks like a cute otter when he's worried, and can cook amazingly). I'm buying your book, and cooking (attempting) everything in it! I am happier about someone I've never met winning a reality cooking show than I ever thought I would be!



  1. I wasn't a huge masterchef fan, until I fell in love with Adam! I'm buying his cookbook too - just to look at the pictures ;)

  2. Me too!!! I agree with all your sentiments, I may even have had a tear in my eye when his dad was all proud & sniffley... *bawls*

    I was on edge the whole time, thinking "Goddamnitt if Callum wins...." but phew, it all worked out in the end... Hooray for ADAM!!!