Sunday, July 11, 2010

blog love of the week- man bloggers

This week I pass on my hurrah's to the man bloggers all over the wide web. (does anyone say that anymore? world wide web?)

Lots of my bloggy friends are lovely gals, but I do very much like lots of guy blogs too, there just doesn't seem to be as many. These ones are some of my favourites.

Mr London Street is funny. Very funny. Get a cuppa and settle in for a good read and a laugh; if dry, occasionally acerbic wit is your cup of tea. I read lots of lovely sweet blogs (which I adore) but it's nice to get a unexpected kick in the pants with a hilarious and not-quite-politically correct metaphor every now and then. Plus every weekend he does a 100 word post on a topic submitted by a reader, which makes for fascinating, succinct and curious stories. I like. life, nothing more, nothing less... Rolley grows heirloom veges, knits like a demon, grows his own coffee, has 3 beautiful kidlets (I love this photo) and loves a good rum. He blogs about all of these things as well as some philosophical wonderings and music love. Also camping and rafting and bushwalking too. I think he's damn ace. He's also an old friend of mine, which makes him even more ace!

Dude Craft If you don't know this dude, you are seriously missing out on some cool shit. Seriously, Go.Look.Right.Now. Stuff that makes you turn your head sideways and gasp.

Don't delay.

Leos Lego Lab Okay, so Leo is 5 years old, but he will be a man, so that sorta counts, right? As you can guess from the title, his blog about his love for lego and his awesome lego creations, but also other things like his drawings and sewing projects and cool things he sees. I enjoy his 5 year old voice and it makes me want to keep lego in my lounge room.

Draw Dimension Ari is ten. His blog is about things he draws and things he is interested in. I like it too (and he's even closer to manhood than Leo up there, so he totally qualifies for a post about man-bloggers) I especially like this drawing. He's also seen every now and again on his mum's blog.

Monsterosity This Aussie dude makes killer toys (I sure like this one) and lives in Tokyo. 'Nuff said.


So thanks dudes. You rock my blog world.

.Who are your favourite man bloggers?

Ohmygoodness I can't believe I forgot Made By Joel. Joel makes awesome stuff for his twin kidlets, usually from simple things in every house. I would link to my favourite but I love THEM ALL. Awesome. I secretly want him to be my dad. or at least an uncle or something. Or maybe we could hang out. Thanks so much Camille for reminding me!


  1. Brilliant - I haven't come across many man-blogs so this a great start. Thank you!

  2. Made by Joel!


  3. I love that manly mustache! Thanks for these posts - I've fallen in love with many of the excellent blogs you post abouot. It's tres wicked. My only current manblog is mister Joel 9who I also wish I was related to) So cheers for these! *S*

  4. seeing as you're sending out so much love, I thought I should let you know I'm sending some back at ya! I mentioned you in an inspiration post on my blog today. Hope you don't mind!