Monday, May 30, 2011

can you help?

This house caught on fire on Wednesday, and half of it turned into ashes. The burning released some asbestos in the building, so the whole house needs to be demolished. Darn.

Rochelle and Tony are the couple who lived in this house. They have two young children, Braydon (14 months) and Mackayla (4 yrs old). Everything they own is in the house, and they have lost it all.

I'm helping to collect anything that might help this family, like linen, manchester, cooking utensils, clothes, kids clothes, toys. Do you have some spare things? Or maybe you could make a toy for the kids? It sure would help these guys. Could you reblog this and help us collect essentials? That would help too.

You can drop off your spare things to the Pepper Stitches Studio (508 Oxley Rd, Sherwood, Brisbane). I'll be collecting this week (until Saturday 4th June). I know the crafty bloggy community is really generous, and I'm hoping to collect lots of things. If you can help, that would be ace!

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  1. Such a horrible thing to happen to a young family, I have reblogged & am sending some items to help them x