Sunday, May 22, 2011

my week in pictures (and words)

We built our first raised vege bed with some spare planks under the house, wooden stakes, and grass clippings. See the neighbours chickens? They come under the fence to visit (and then I pretend that they're mine.)

I have named her Pat the Possum, she who breaks teapots and takes bites out of all my apples, and scampers through the house like she just-don't-care. (Note to self- must close back door before sunset..)

My first cafe breakfast in aaaages, with my sister in New Farm. It was very good indeed.

I joined the library! Hooray! Lots of books (including Handmade Nation) and this very cute picture book ('A Bit Lost' by Chris Naughton); "Yes, please" said Squirrel, "biscuits are our favourite thing."

Walking through New Farm I saw the inside of a house, on the outside, with old newspapers glued to the walls. Why? I don't know.

We have furniture coming to the house next week. I know! Last week we upgraded to metal cutlery, and now furniture! I shall have a bed, and we shall dine on a table, with chairs and everything!We shall live like kings, I tell you, like KINGS.

Hope you had a great week too! x


  1. Hooray for furniture! And raised garden beds and goodness me cafe breakfast is one of my all time favourite things ever! *s*

  2. that post made me smile a lot.

    i had my first cafe breakfast in ages today! wow!

  3. I don't want to alarm you, but you have. A possum. In your house. I realize you already know this. But you seem awful calm. Just sayin'... And also, that breakfast looks sooooooo good! Cheers! And hello to Pat! :D

  4. BAHAHAHA Toughie, I know! Right? I WAS alarmed, but she was so damn nonchalant about the whole excursion that I couldn't stay that way, and just ended up chatting to her and gently shooing her out.