Wednesday, May 18, 2011

share the love! and gift voucher giveaway

do you have a photo of you and your Pepper Stitches? I am looking for photos of you, or your loved one or kidlet with a Pepper Stitches plushie, toy or cushion for my online 'share the love!' album.

Email with your pic and I will be super happy, plus you'll enter the draw for a $30 Pepper Stitches gift voucher to any of my online stores!


(ps. be sure to 'like' the Pepper Stitches facebook page and I will tag your photo too)


  1. Very cute idea, Pepper. I haven't got a Pepper Stitch (not that I wouldn't love one!) but I'll look forward to seeing some of the pics!! x

  2. I want to join in, but unfortunately we are saving our Pepper Stitches doll for our wee one's birthday, and it's months away!!!

  3. AMAZING! I can't wait to buy one and have a go at Brown Owls. Love you're blog very much.