Sunday, May 22, 2011

vintage tupperware tea party

Do you live in Brisbane? Would you like to come to my Tupperware Party? We’ll have scones and jam and cream, and chat a bit, and meet nice people.

We're going to make chocolate brownies, admire doilies, talk and gossip, and generally have a good time. And drink tea. Or champagne. Possibly both. You can bring your knitting and crochet, too. Feel free to pass this on to others who might like to come, and you can bring a friend; that would be lovely. Please leave a comment, or email if you can come along. I will have a tea cup ready.

Have you been to a tupperware party before?


  1. Having a tea party/tupperware party is a great idea I bet the tea part spiced things up nicely

  2. Sounds like the nicest tupperware party one could attend! Sat 4th is ringing a bell, but if that is just a tinkle in my head I would love to come along (if I'm not overcome by shyness teehee). I might even be tempted to buy something - I just looked after a friend's kids for 2 weeks and the delicate mushrooms lasted for aaaages in their proper container. I should've gotten to them sooner. But still, aaaages!!

    PS. Hope you're enjoying the move to Brisbane!