Monday, April 4, 2011

oh. hi there.

Hello Rabbit by Nicole Smith

how are you?

I missed you.

Sorry I've been away.

Off the radar.

I do that sometimes,

don't I?

Sometimes I am busy. Or forgetful.

Sometimes I miss a few days and when I think about all the posts I need to do to catch up, it gets a bit much

and I go and eat a biscuit instead.

And then days turn into a week. or two.

Sometimes it feels like I have nothing to say

or what I have to say isn't interesting enough

(which is silly, I know. I am fascinating)

Sometimes I am away from my computer,

having adventures and thinking about things.

This time it was a bit of all of the above.

I have been in Brisbane. Yep.

Things have happened. Stuff too.

And I will tell you all about it soon.

But first I'm going to go have a biscuit.

(ps. I almost wrote 'cookie' then. But I am not American. They're biscuits. Do you find yourself adopting other words like that?)


  1. Enjoy that bikkie. I've been a bit the same. So much going on ... too overwhelming ... think I'll go put the kettle back on.

  2. Hi. I so hear you. I like this post. I love BISCUITS.

  3. Looovely, thanks sooo much for your postcards. I'm so stoked. I'm over the moon. Going to brag with them on my blog soon!! And your postcard is on the waaay... XO.

    I'm excited to hear about your news!!