Wednesday, April 20, 2011

blog love- daily cootie catcher

via skiptomylou
do you remember paper fortune tellers? We used to make them in primary school, and they'd usually predict dire fortunes like marrying a yucky boy, or statements that we were, in fact, a monkey.

Well the daily cootie catcher is full of them. One every day, actually (I found it via 365 days). Except they are awesome. Need help choosing a cocktail? There's one for that. Want to know your wrestling name? There's one for that too. Need to generate office gossip/ predict your blogging fortune/ decide whether to call him/ not sure if you should run away and join the circus or not? They're all covered.

Even better, they are all printable and come with instructions (just in case it's been a while) so you can print them out and try them on your friends. AND instructions to make your own.

How ace!

Thanks Michelle, you rock my blog world!

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  1. cool .. i remember these well from year four or five! How funny