Thursday, August 6, 2009

all you knit is love

Taken yesterday by my friend Agnes somewhere in Europe, and sent all this way to make me smile.

edit: This is the all you knit is love shop in Barcelona, check out their awesome store manifest:
-Handknit socks keep your feet warmer.
-Shrimp are a finger food.
-Winding a ball of yarn can turn a bad day around.
-Ideas can come from your hands as well as your head.
-An error is just a new technique.
-We learned all the really important stuff in kindergarten.
-Passion is as necessary as eating and sleeping.
-The path is slow.
-Working with yarn is a pleasure, not an obligation.
-Knitting is a highly sensual activity.

visit the website or you can see the store blog here! Thanks Jennifer for letting me know it was your lovely store!


  1. This is super cool... just love it. K

  2. Glad you like it :) It's in Barcelona xox

  3. That's my yarn shop :) It's in Barcelona.

    I'm glad you like it!