Saturday, August 22, 2009

a blog written by a pigeon

If you'd like to spend/waste a few hours looking at exciting new blogs/ the worst blogs you've ever seen head on over and check out the nominations for the 2009 bloggers choice awards.
Categories include best business blog, best hobby blog, best animal blog, best blog of all time, worst blog of all time, most freakish blog.
My personal favourites include:
pigeon blog. Written by Brian. A pigeon.
As I Was Saying. A personal journal with some funny funny stuff. Funny. Read it.
Cook to Bang. Recipes to get you laid. I have no personal experience to back this up. I will let you know.
You can also nominate a blog for an award and/or vote for one already nominated. There are so many great blogs out there, I think we ought to recognise them, don't you?

I just nominated pottymouthmama for Hottest Mommy Blogger and Hobby Blog . If you don't know her already, Lexu is funny and down-to-earth and always makes me smile with her ongoing adventures in baby-wrangling (her words), trash hunting, second-hand shopping, craftiness and everyday life. Check out her blog, and make sure you go vote for her!

(you need to register to vote, but it only takes a sec and then you can vote for other blogs too, or nominate your favourites.) Go on, go vote!


  1. Hi Pepper, thanks for the recommendation! Now I'm off to check out the other blogs you mentioned.

  2. Aw shucks, you flatter me lady! Thank you so, so much. Am shocked, but absolutely flattered. Thank you. xxx

  3. I'm wondering when (if at all) the voting will end!