Friday, August 7, 2009

You know it’s a good morning when

- You have nice dreams about your friends and wake up smiling
- You have a delicious breakfast with berries in it
- Your stockings don’t have a ladder and you’re breaking your own stocking record
- The park you ride through is freshly mown and you smell cut grass and dew
- People smile and wave and one man whistles a tune
- At the lights a poster of Johnny Depp on the side of a bus smiles at you
- You are so busy thinking of these things that you don’t pay attention in a lane way and almost get hit by a car.
But you didn’t.

You didn’t.


  1. Fwar, I'm sort of envious, that does sound like a nice start to the day :)

  2. Lovely day... (except for the nearly getting killed bit, of course!) I'm pretty sure that billboard of Johnny Depp would make my wheel wobble too ;) K