Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am pretty awesome, actually

Sally at Georgie love has been posting this week about what makes her AWESOME (and she is pretty darn awesome) and about how and why it is so hard for many of us to admit to our own awesomeness.

Here is some of her post.
It genuinely distresses me to think how much time and energy we ALL secretly invest into feeling bad about ourselves. All that time and energy we invest wanting to be thinner, smarter, beautiful, more creative, more like that other girl over there, I want to live in their house, but have her bank balance and that wardrobe. I don't want my daughter Ruby to grow up feeling like she needs to change herself in any way to be happy, the idea makes me both angry and sick. I don't want to pass on all my paranoia and fears and moments of self loathing. I have spent a LOT of time thinking about these sorts of things and subsequently removing all the people out of my life who don't make me feel good to be around.I am sick of media who attempt to make us feel unworthy so we spend and waste money to feel better about ourselves. Mean people who put others down so they feel better about themselves, but I don't blame them. I am 100% responsible for how I feel about myself and whether I fall for that bullshit. (note: edited to clarify that I don't read magazines apart from Frankie & cooking ones usually!)So today I will tell you that I am TOPS. I am very, very nice. And especially so are you. Every day for a week I am going to write something that I like about myself and I think you should too because I like you and we need to spend our time and mental energy on more positive and productive things, yes? We need to live and be happy in the here and now, rather thinking that we will be happy or more desirable if we were different in any way. We are perfect now. You know what IS IN. Confidence and happiness. I'll be having some of that please.

And so this week I have been thinking about what makes me pretty darn awesome just-the-way-I-am. I will post about it this week. Sally's right, it is hard to talk about self-awesomeness. But I will try.

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