Monday, August 31, 2009

sketch baby

I like to draw, I forget I like to draw, I forget the sense of satisfaction when you brush away the eraser crumbs and put your pencil or pen down and hold it at arms length and tilt your head, just so.

Sketching is an amazing way to be creative so easily, and can take you so many places. It's also a habit, so to get back into it I present a drawing a day.

The only rule is that you must draw every day. On computer paper, the margin of a book, on the back of a beer coaster, it doesn't matter. Big, small, it matters not. In pen, chalk, paint, ink, pencil, spaghetti sauce, that doesn't matter either. The point is to get back into the habit of jotting and doodling and sketching little things.

If you'd like to do a drawing a day you can put this button on your sidebar if you like, and leave a comment so I can make a list on the sidebar of who's playing along. You don't have to post every drawing you do, just one or two is fine, or you don't have to post any at all. We can visit each others sketches. That would be nice.


  1. I'm totally in! This is just what I need after starting my art class, and I was also wanting a new thing to post each day for September! Thanks for thinking of this!

  2. Great idea, count me in! I hardly ever have the time to draw anymore, and this should get me back into the habit. Thanks! x

  3. Great idea sis. I'll give it my best shot. Damn, now that song is stuck in my head....

  4. I'm so in! Will try to get something up tonight, but failing that, tomorrow fo'shizzle. ;)

  5. Hi. I'd like to play too...sometimes...when I've got time. I love to draw everyday over breakfast!!


  6. Hello - just letting you know that my html address has changed so my link will be wrong now sorry! New link: