Monday, August 3, 2009

the table that eats itself

"Atema Architecture’s ‘Auto-Cannibalistic Table’ is made out of egg cartons, flour paste, soil and seeds. When water is added, the seeds germinate and the table literally eats itself. I’m not sure whether this is a useful piece of recycled furniture or a plant in itself."

Awesome. I knew I was collecting egg cartons for something.
seen on DudeCraft


  1. Wow, such a cool idea! Although I can also completely imagine being overzealous about watering and having the table collapse in a pulpy mess in front of me. Must need someone who can judge watering better than I can!

  2. What a fabulous concept! You could make sculptures of all kinds of shapes and themes :) Love the temporary nature of it too - inbuilt biodegradability! K

  3. yowza! so innovative! {and dare i say, chic!}