Monday, August 17, 2009

little monsters

So I got an email last week from these guys, saying that my work was selling so well, could I send some more please? So I went *gasp* well of course and stitched and stitched and posted off these little guys today.

They're much much smaller than Leon, I used up the leftover fur and felt and had more fun embroidering little tattoos.

I almost kept them...


  1. Eek!

    How utterly gorgeous are your lil dudes!

    Love the tatts : )

  2. That is so cool! These guys are pretty cute, I can understand they would be hard to part with. At least you have memories...

  3. Thank you for visitng my blog - good-luck with the giveaway!

    PS: Do you sell your little guys anywhere?

  4. They are so cool Pepper. No wonder you wanted to keep them.